you know

you know
you know (informal)
Used as a conversation filler, marking a pause, sometimes for emphasis but often almost meaningless
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informal used to imply that what is being referred to is known to or understood by the listener

when in Rome, you know

used as a gap-filler in conversation

well, you know, I was wondering if you had any jobs for me

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you know
— used when you are trying to help someone remember something

They live on the other side of town. You know–near the golf course.

He was in our history class–you know [=you remember]–the tall blond guy in the front row.

— used for emphasis

You know, we really have to go.

It's cold outside, you know.

You know, you really should write a novel.

— used when you are not sure of what to say or how to say it

Would you like to, you know, go out sometime?

We're planning to go shopping and, you know, just hang out.

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Main Entry:know

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ˌyou ˈknow idiom
1. used when you are thinking of what to say next

Well, you know, it's difficult to explain.

2. used to show that what you are referring to is known or understood by the person you are speaking to

Guess who I've just seen? Maggie! You know— Jim's wife.

You know that restaurant round the corner? It's closed down.

3. used to emphasize sth that you are saying

I'm not stupid, you know.

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